‘Happiness starts by spreading smiles’ 

Our founder, Kanika, has always been a strong believer in this. Since the time she dreamt of ItsOhkay, she knew what she wanted to move towards. Over these years, every experience shared with us has been a reminder of how easy happiness can be found. 


Directly from the creator,

Kanika Pasrija :

I always wanted to volunteer in NGOs. Hustling in life with our worldly responsibilities, it gets really difficult to find the time to help others or rather find the causes we really want to contribute towards. 

I decided to create a platform to connect the ones in need to the ones who can help. Driven by my personal urge, I aim at creating a place where contributing towards social welfare becomes not only easy but also a part of the routine. A sense of happiness surrounds me when I contribute to causes that are close to my heart and it is the current mission for us at ItsOhkay to help all feel that. 

We aim to also provide NGOs technical support and consultations for volunteer engagement, event management, etc. We hope to help as many as we can with as much as we can. 

A special mention to Pragati Agarwal, without whose inputs and support, ItsOhkay would not have been visualized this successfully.

For any suggestions/feedback, feel free to reach out to us at info@itsohkay.in.